Cheap Flight to Atlanta

To get a cheap flight to Atlanta, you have the luxury of possibility to choose from at least six budget airlines that make trips to Atlanta. Also, you may find discounted deals from the full service airlines using some of the available methods for discounted online deals.

Atlanta is a major airline hub and many discount, low cost airlines have regular flights there. Among the budget airlines that have Atlanta destinations, are:

  • AirTran Airways
  • AmericaWest
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Jet Blue
  • Midwest Express Airlines
  • Song

In addition to these budget airlines with routes to Atlanta, you may want to check possible discounted deals from full service airlines, such as American, Delta, and United. Sometimes, their offers can match those of the no-frills airlines.

Finding Cheap Flight to Atlanta Fares

Comparing the available different low cost airlines is a bit tricky, as they don’t use middlemen in their sales methods and prefer to sell flights directly.

This is why you may have to contact each budget airline directly (usually by going to their web site or by telephoning customer service number) and find out the fare price for your desired travel route and dates.

You may not want to stop there, as you can still improve on the satisfaction of your trip. This can happen if a full service airline can beat a budget airline on price, as sometimes happens.

Full service airlines use middlemen, so you can easily compare their flight fare prices from comparison sites, such as or These sites take their prices from scores of travel agents, and sort the cheapest offers in seconds.

Keep also on eye on online specials from the airlines that can be found from the full service airlines’ web sites. You may also want to explore new ways to purchase airline tickets, such as by entering an online auction or by naming your own price (at places such as

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