Southwest Airlines Job

Southwest Airlines job is one of the hottest areas in budget aviation employment. The Southwest Airlines web site will help you through the application process.

One of the reasons is that the airline, during its 30+ years, has never laid off employees. The no-layoffs policy is actually more of a philosophy. From the beginning, the founders of the company realized how important employees are to the airline. The no-layoff record is part of Southwest’s familylike culture, which gives confidence and security.

For that and for many other reasons (like free travel benefits on Southwest Airlines), Southwest has been named one of the top ten companies (twice in the past two years) in Fortune’s annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.

Southwest Airlines Job – Resources

To read more about what Southwest Airlines culture is all about and what type of employees they are looking for, you should look up career advice sites, such as, and the Southwest’s own web site information for job seekers.

The Southwest Airlines career pages are located at . The information on those pages include:

  • Positions
  • Resume tips
  • Submit a resume
  • Benefits
  • Career fairs
  • Job hotline
  • Star of the month (outstanding employee of the month)

While the resume tips section gives you advice to format the resume, you still need career advice to formulate the contents just right. That kind of resume advice can be found from the many career advice sites. Remember also to read about the Southwest corporate culture (which is a bit unusual), to see if you’d be likely to fit in.

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